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“The Advisors were thanking me for the best keynote in the history of our organization."

-Judy Reynolds, FBLA, WA

“Our group of 500 gave you two standing ovations. One student fell off his bench from laughing so hard."

-Rebecca Cox, TASC District 16

“It was unanimous that John was one of, if not the best, speakers we've ever had."

-Jim Ponder, RYLA Co-Chair

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"By far, he was the favorite speaker of our conference delegates."

-Theodore Gehring, North Carolina StuCo

"You spoke through the tornado that hit Pensacola and had the audience in the palm of your hand!"

-Janice Courson, FBLA FL

"When John boarded the plane, my students started applauding and cheering! Right there on the airplane!"

-Mert Martens, Colorado