The Warrior Challenge

8 Quests for Boys to Grow Up With Kindness, Courage, and Grit
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Filled with comic book artwork and heart-pounding stories about real-life heroes, early readers are raving about The Warrior Challenge.

The book shows young men how to find the power of compassion, resilience, values, healthy boundaries, authenticity, self-awareness, and choosing great friends.

Big subjects! That's why the book also has riveting stories, incredible art, and hilarious writing. Tweens and teens are LOVING it.

Order today so that your son, grandson, nephew, and students can become modern-day 'warriors!'

"The Warrior Challenge could be one of the most influential books ever written for adolescent boys.”

Josh Shipp, father of two, author of The Grown-Up’s Guide to Teenage Humans, and internationally acclaimed speaker

“A powerful model of manhood.”

Dr. Justin Coulson, bestselling author and parenting expert

“My son is brushing his teeth and reciting his Warrior Creed right now. He LOVES the book.”

Kyle Scheele, father of four and teen motivational speaker

“This should be in schools everywhere!”

Bridget Bloom, youth trauma and relationship counselor and sex therapist

“It will be of value for many lifetimes of young men!”

Laura Johnston, mother of three and nutritionist

“This book should be required reading.”

Jamie Lee Denue, educator for at-risk youth

"The Warrior Challenge is the roadmap to manhood I wish I had when I was growing up.”

Shane Feldman, founder of the Count Me In movement, the largest youth-run empowerment event in the world.

“A beautiful book that will change lives.”

Blake Fleischacker, father of two and youth motivational speaker