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Full mountaintop motivational keynote: You Are Battle Born | 4 Keys to Thrive In Turmoil
This was delivered for the State of Nevada on behalf of the Nevada Association of Student councils... but I'm sharing it here because perhaps it will also help or inspire you in some way!

Story: As Nevada (and much of the world) tightens restrictions and faces potential lockdowns, I wanted to do something special for the Nevada Association of Student Councils to inspire those young aspiring leaders.
See, back in 2006,
Sandy Burns Ginger
took a chance on me and asked me speak at NASC's annual Mid-level conference. That event was one of my first as a professional motivational speaker.
Now that the entire landscape of live events has changed, I thought I'd step up my game again and give this speech for the same event... which of course was forced to go virtual.
Pretty excited to make more of these for organizations looking for virtual keynote speakers. Reach out if you know about an event! 💥🙏

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