How to Land a Book Deal with Ann Sheybani

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2020
Have you ever wondered how to land a book deal? In this interview with Ann Sheybani, I explain how I made it happen for myself: 
Here's Ann's original post:
Here's the full interview:

Here’s what she asked:
  1. How much of your story did you include, and was it hard not to be the hero of your book?
  2. Why did you put yourself in the background instead of the foreground?
  3. Did you decide to aim for traditional publishing before you wrote this book? Or after you got going?
  4. Why go traditional when you’ve had good experience with self-publishing? How will this choice impact your career?
  5. You speak to boys and girls about goal achievement, so why did you chose this particular angle–how to become a man in this brave new world?
  6. Which came first, the idea, or the publishing house connection?

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